From the recording It all Starts Here

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You threw me down
Because I wasn’t what you though
When my glamour wore off
You simply forgot
The seasons of people
Has me constantly plotting
If you said from the start
Maybe I wouldn’t feel forgotten
But now you’re just another friend
Turned to acquaintance
Another relationship
That needs some more maintenance

Mom always said you could count
Your real friends on one hand
You’re just another example of
An almost finger
On a phantom hand

I want it to stop
But it keeps on building up
The false hope of kinship
Always masked in friendship
The sudden lack of interest
Like toys after Christmas

Oh I’ll never get this business


We’re like two branches
That’ve grown apart
The only way to meet
Is to break ourselves apart
And that’s not okay
So it’s time for us to say
It’s time for us to say

(Chorus outro)
Good bye old friend x4
Good bye old