1. Future Grrrl

From the recording It all Starts Here

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Future grrrl livin in a
future world
zoom zoom zoom
talking to robots
automated phone calls
future grrrl livin in a
future world
bang bang bang
la la la la la la la

Zip, zip zoomin’
in underground tubes
future transport
time travel over rules

I eat neon foods
ice cream with sprinkles

Every day rushing X4
Hustle and bustle
and muscle and truffles
and waffles and quaffles and
lot’s of and lot’s of
crispy little tater tots


From ooze to butterflies
to I-95
children are billboards
but fewer blackboards

(1st half of Chorus)

Slow, slow down [repeat]
and we can bump the tunes
without the band
future music soundtrack
in the palm of your hands
just slow it down, slow down
in this life don’t be afraid to
slow it down to this song
will slow you down
like a smile from a beautiful
woman slow down.