Trumpet Wom'

It All Starts Here

by Trumpet Grrrl

Released 2012
Released 2012
Trumpet, keyboard and low sultry female vocals are the focal points of this self-produced and recorded brain explosion. Traces of pop, rock, classical, soul and a little something new can be found in this original and unique adventure of an album. Free DL!
At the age of 10, Trumpet Grrrl began the trumpet. Her obsession was immediate; youth music ensembles, private lessons and summer camps where just the beginning of her classical music training. She had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall and of participating in the National Symphony Orchestra's Youth Fellowhip Program in high school.
Thereafter TG went to receive a Bachelor's of Music in Trumpet Performance from the University of Maryland in May 2008. During her last months of college Trumpet Grrrl formed the rock band "La Coterie" where she began to play keyboard and sing lead vocals. Additionally, she started writing lyrics and music.
After a fun and wild two years, Trumpet Grrrl decided to leave La Coterie, a few months thereafter officially commencing the project of Trumpet Grrrl.
During the fall of 2010 she sat down to record a demo. A month and half later she had an album. "The Basement Tracks" was released in Octobor of 2010. In January of 2011 TG's song "Amaryllis" was featured in the Washington City Papers One Track Mind column.
Exploring all ways of reaching fans, Trumpet Grrrl is known for her eccentric music videos. One of her most popular videos "Up!" includes skateboarding, bubbles and more!
In the summer of 2010 TG began production on another album. Continuing the tradition of writing and recording the entire album, she also executed a succesful crowdfunding campaign with the love and help of friends and fans! On January 17th, 2012 "It All Starts Here" will release and Trumpet Grrrl will begin the next phase of her career.